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It can be difficult to know what to ask a home healthcare provider so you know if you’re making the right choice. Here are some points to consider, along with our responses.

Are your services covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, private insurance does not cover our services. We do accept long term care insurance. We also work alongside Medicare agencies to fill in the gaps that medicare will not cover.

Do you have any hourly minimums?
We pride ourselves on our no minimum policy to ensure that you are getting just the amount of care that you need.
How do I know how much care I need?
Our Director of Nursing will create the plan of care alongside the client and their family to determine the recommended amount of care. However, the final decision is up to you.
How can I be sure my caregiver is trustworthy?
Our caregivers are employees. Southern Comfort Home Care is not a registry, we’re a provider; we conduct pre-employment level 2 background screenings, national sex offender registry screenings and OIG fraud screenings as well. Additionally, Southern Comfort Home Care is licensed, bonded, and insured. You never have to worry about being held liable if a caregiver is injured in your home.
How is my caregiver selected?
We will talk to you about the type of personality that meshes best with yours, and assign a qualified caregiver that we think suits you. If we miss the mark, you’re always free to request a change.
Will I have the same caregiver while under your care?
We strive to provide consistency with our caregivers as we understand the value of the comfort that provides. We will do our best to schedule you with caregivers that you know, like and trust.
How do I know my caregiver is experienced and well trained to meet my needs?
We hire only those caregivers who have a minimum of home healthcare experience, and who have proven their successful training before coming to us. We also offer ongoing training for our caregivers so they are always on top of innovations in healthcare.
Can I receive services if I don’t live in my own home?
Yes. We will come to your residence, whether that’s a home, apartment, condo, ALF, SNF, or hospice.
What happens if my caregiver calls in sick?
We will arrange for a substitute caregiver until your regular caregiver can return to work.

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Why Choose Us?


Highest Qualifications

Southern Comfort Home Care is licensed, bonded, and insured, protecting your interests if one of our health care professionals is injured in your home. Our caregivers are experienced home health care professionals whose integrity has passed our rigorous background checks, and whose work history includes reliable, verifiable home health care.

We’re a Provider

We are not a registry. There’s a big difference. A registry is simply a way for independent contractors to find new customers. As a health care provider, we employ the caregivers that we match with our patients’ needs. We provide our caregivers with workers’ compensation, we cover the employer’s portion of Social Security, and we make sure our patients are at the center of all our policies.


Compassionate Competence

Our caregivers, from our RNs and LPNs, to our therapists and aides, have a proven history of delivering heartfelt, compassionate care with a notable level of professionalism. Our patients are never treated as a “task” to be accomplished. Our caregivers appreciate the trust our patients and their families place in us to not only provide necessary care, but also notice subtle changes that could signal an important change in a patient’s condition.

Responsive and Reliable

Accepting a caregiver into your home, for an hour or around the clock, can mark a stressful change. Not at Southern Comfort Home Care. We spend time to match you with the right caregiver(s) for you. In the rare instances when your regular caregiver is unavailable, we will let you know who will be at your home instead. We will never leave you wondering if your home health needs will be met.